Thoughts for Food #30

The Season is Winding Down Fall is here in Wisconsin’s Central Sands!  Highlights of yellow and orange are popping up in the hardwoods that mingle with the cropland of this uniquely productive area that is so important to the nation’s … Continue reading

Thoughts for Food #29

The growing season may be over but the work goes on!  It is approaching October in the Central Sands of Wisconsin, and the nights are cool and arriving earlier every day. The growing season is over, and harvest is almost … Continue reading

Thoughts for Food #28

Burning to Restore Life The crop fields and natural areas in Wisconsin’s Central Sands area make up a diverse and complex landscape that intermingles one of the nation’s most productive potato and specialty crop production areas with remnants of prairies, … Continue reading

Thoughts for Food #27

Farmers taking the lead to advance sustainability Farmers are the owners—and environmental stewards—of large swaths of agricultural and undeveloped, natural land across rural America.   Without these privately-owned, beautiful landscapes, our communities would not be blessed with the vistas of prairies, … Continue reading

Thoughts for Food #26

Are we wasting the bounty we produce? The harvest season is now in full swing in Wisconsin’s Central Sands. Potatoes, sweet corn, green beans, carrots, cucumbers and beets are rolling up the harvester chains and into trucks for the short … Continue reading

Thoughts for Food #25

Biological control: the good guys eating the bad ones! We all want the good guys to win, right?  Well, it is even more important in agriculture where there are good guys with wonderful names like assassin bugs and pirate bugs, … Continue reading

Thoughts for Food #24

Parnterships and Prosperity Nestled in the middle of the Central Sands, surrounded by fields of potatoes, sweet corn, green beans and carrots, lays a vital link that holds the key to the amazing productivity of this unique region. The Hancock … Continue reading

Thoughts for Food #23

Potato Early Dying – Why Do Some Potato Fields Look Dead in August?   As you drive through the Central Sands in August, it’s not unusual to see brown and wilted spots in those potato fields that were so lush in … Continue reading

Thoughts for Food #22

The Central Sands is one of the nation’s premier potato and vegetable production areas, ranking 3rd in potatoes, 1st in snap beans and 3rd in sweet corn.  Agriculture in the Central Sands is vital to Wisconsin’s economy, generating over $6.4 … Continue reading

Thoughts for Food #21

Balancing the water, how we can all contribute When the glaciers retreated from central Wisconsin over 10,000 years ago, they left behind a broad expanse of sand and gravel outwash plains to create the area that we now know as … Continue reading